STEM Trail Stop — Lancaster Science Factory

Family STEM Trail Stop — Lancaster Science Factory

Explore the interactive exhibits inside the Hall of Science.

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Which material featured is the best conductor of heat and electricity?

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The Lancaster Science Factory is a hands-on, interactive learning center filled with curiosity and creativity as kids from Pre-K through 8th grade learn the principles of science and the application of science in engineering and technology.

“Electrica!” William Gilbert first uttered the Latin word that we now know as the reason our phones charge and our lights turn on, in the year 1600. Gilbert was a physician who served Queen Elizabeth the First of England, and later wrote a book about his research on magnets and how they could be used to harness power.

Today, electricity is a part of every area of our lives, but do you really know what makes it work? At The Lancaster Science Factory, you can learn about electricity and more!

Located in a creatively reclaimed factory building, over 65 highly interactive exhibits, workstations and mini-labs offer “open-ended” learning experiences, with opportunities for kids to experiment and create, and learn that science is fun!

Visitors actually “do” science and engineering projects. The Science Factory offers a wide variety of hands-on STEM education programs, including camps, workshops, Pre-K program, homeschool classes, scouting, and after-school STEM programming at local schools.

Learn more at:
454 New Holland Ave.
Lancaster, PA 17602

Mondays are 10 AM to 5 PM between Memorial Day and Labor Day
10 AM to 5 PM Tuesdays – Saturdays
12 – 5 PM Sundays

Emily Landis, Executive Director
717.509.6363 ext. 103