STEM Trail Stop — Make Your Own Forecast!

Family STEM Trail Stop — Make Your Own Forecast!

This trailhead stop can be completed anywhere.

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How would you describe the sky cover?

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What is the the wind speed? Observe the movement of tree branches to estimate your local wind speed.

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What is the precipitation?

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What is the temperature?

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Type in your forecast here. Tell us what the current weather conditions are and what clothes people should be wearing today.

If you take a video of yourself giving your forecast or draw a picture of the current weather and what sort of clothes people should be wearing, post it to your social media and tag Lancaster STEM Alliance.

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Become a weather observer.

The word “meteorology” is Greek and means “the study of things in the air.” We know it today as the observation of weather. We study the skies to make scientific predictions, or forecasts, of the weather to come.

This trailhead stop can be completed anywhere! Whether (or weather!?) you are at home, at school or at the park, it’s always a great time to predict the weather!

**Please visit the Lancaster Science Factory or the North Museum to receive your patch for this stop.

Christine Ferreira

Christine Ferreira
WGAL News 8 Today Meteorologist
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