STEM Trail Stop — Lancaster County Central Park

Family STEM Trail Stop — Lancaster County Central Park

Visit the Garden of the Five Senses. Here’s a hint: use your GPS to navigate to its coordinates! 40°1’35” N 76°17’44” W

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Which tree has a wintergreen smell, which you might recognize from your toothpaste or root beer?

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The Lancaster County Department of Parks and Recreation offers environmental and nature education programs year-round to the public, school groups, and other private groups of all ages.

The Garden of Five Senses in Lancaster County Central Park is open to the public year-round. As its name implies, this garden provides stimulation for all the senses. Interpretive signs along the garden’s meandering walkway explain how each of our senses works and how we and other animals use them to survive.

Sunrise to Sunset Year-Round

Point of Contact:
Tammy Agesen, Program Manager, Environmental Education Team